Girls’ Generation members look petite next to actress Park Si Yeon

Old photos of Park Si Yeon posing next to the members of Girls’ Generation are belatedly receiving attention

A post was recently added on an online community board with the title, “Park Si Yeon’s professional actress pose, Girls’ Generation all-kill“. The post revealed several pictures of the Girls’ Generation members standing side by side with actress Park Si Yeon.

The photos were taken at the 2007 ‘Golden Disk Awards‘ where Park Si Yeon wearing a mature, revealing one-piece presented the Rookie Award to the Girls’ Generation members who were dressed in youthful, charming outfits.

The pictures displayed the significant height difference between Park Si Yeon and the Girls’ Generation members. In contrast to Girls’ Generation who showcased their fresh, rookie charms, Park Si Yeon omitted a professional aura, displaying her curvy figure.

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