Park Bom Says Dieting is Always Stressful on ‘K-Pop Star’

Park Bom met with SBS K-Pop Star’s Park Ji Min to give her some advice as a senior singer.

An unaired video released by K-Pop Star through the portal site Daum showed Park Bom holding a special meeting with Park Ji Min.

As Park Ji Min hadn’t made her official debut as a singer yet, she had a lot of questions to ask her role model Park Bom. One of those questions was about dieting and losing weight.

When Park Ji Min asked whether there was any way she could lose weight without getting too stressed about it, Park Bom said, “Honestly, there’s no way you can lose weight without being stressed.”

Near the end of the video, Park Bom didn’t forget to leave her thoughts on Park Ji Min’s performance. She said the performance of Over the Rainbow was especially touching. The performance made issues on the web after Park Bom’s agency rep Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment gave it a 100 out of 100.

Park Bom said that after she watched the performance she “cried so hard.”

“It was so touching when our boss gave her 100 after saying he wouldn’t give her a high grade,” she said. She also added that she was “happy to be a help to Ji Min.”

Other videos that didn’t make it into the broadcast were released, including a practice video of the SuPearls Park Ji Min, Lee Michelle, Lee Seung Joo, Lee Jung Mi, Baek Ah Yeon and Lee Ha Yi.

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