T-ara’s Hyomin mistaken for a Girls’ Generation member in Europe

As many of you know already, the ladies of T-ara are currently enjoying a 9 day trip in Europe.

Member Hyomin is participating as a member of the staff for the photoshoot and the music video filming of an upcoming new girl group. While taking her camera and doing some sight seeing, Hyomin was approached by some K-pop fans who instantly recognized her. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that she was in the group T-ara.

On April 12th, Hyomin shared the above photo via Twitter and wrote, “They recognized me saying ‘Oh~ Hyomin!!’ So I ecstatically took a picture with them, but when I left they said, ‘Bye bye, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyomin~’ K-Pop is receiving a lot of love across the world, but it seems as though a lot of people are still confused over some things. Must work harder ^^“.

eeits abis baca jangan lupa like dan komennya yaa gan

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