EXID to member changes underway + June comeback

EXID to member changes underway + June comeback
EXID will transform for their upcoming comeback, from a six-member to a five member group after undergoing several member changes.

On April 30th, EXID’s agency, AB Entertainment, revealed, “Yuji has been performing while taking a leave of absence from school, but she decided to return to school. Dami will be studying to get into college. Haeryung is planning on becoming an actress. This was decided after discussing with the members after their promotion of ‘Whoz That Girl‘.”

Yuji will temporarily stop working and return to Seoul Institute of Arts. Dami had previously tried to attend college, but had to hold off to become a singer. Now she has decided to go back to focusing on her studies.

In addition, Haeryung, who was a child actress, had the goal of acting to begin with, so she apparently had a lot of worries when she became a singer. The three members have decided to become students and an actress after a long discussion with their fellow members.

The remaining three members, Junghwa, Hani, and LE will accept two new members and will be performing as five member group. They are planning to release a new album in June.


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