Boyfriend gets colorful as the new endorsement models for ‘dearberry’

Last month, Boyfriend made the hearts of fans flutter with a charming black and white pictorial. They’re back again with a color pictorial along with news that they’re now endorsement models for cosmetics brand ‘dearberry‘!

‘dearberry’ recently opened up a teaser website along with fresh images of the boys modeling the essence of their new cosmetics line, inspired under the slogan, “Berry You, Berry Me, dearberry, Like Me, Like You, dearberry.” The line encourages young women to find a color and charm all their own through the various choices they have to offer.

The color choices are perfect for the current weather and their line, as the boys’ styles are comprised of bright pastel colors along with bold reds and greens that would make anyone stand out in a crowd, just like the brand hopes to do.

‘dearberry’ launches on May 10th online, and the pop-up store will open on the 26th, which will also be celebrated with a fan signing launch event by Boyfriend.

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