The sapphire Blue darlings that we call Super Junior

What makes Super Junior Sapphire Blue?

That shines and sparkles all year round,

What makes SuJu always true?

Is like a precious treasure found.

Called ‘Angel Without Wings’

Hosts, Acts, Dances and Sings

Always there for his members making good sound

He’s Leeteuk, the best leader around.

Looks like a girl, but not a gay

So immature and disarray

Likes to hug some boys and give a smooch

Only Heechul, he shines like a brooch.

You’ll find him as Mr. Beijing Fried Rice

Try his cooking just for size

He’s unique coz’ he’s Chinese

Hangeng or Hankyung puts your mind at ease.

One of the most beautiful voices you’ll hear

Highest notes, he’ll surely stir

Though when talking, really non-stop

But that’s just Yesung to the top.

He’s strong and big but oh so sweet

Always compared to a bear coz’ of body physique

Went to military but be back due

Kangin’s benevolence, it’s really so true.

With just one look you’ll surely see

The healthy body, the crooked smile of glee

Is really comedic and knows how to dance

Shindong is not just a guy of one glance.

Known and hailed as Aegyo King

Looking cute is his real thing

Playing guitar is his concert routine

No one can beat a guy like Sungmin.

Here’s Anchovy, the King of Dance Moves

You’ll really drop your jaw at how he grooves

Raps rhythmically and knows how to make a scene

That’s Eunhyuk, SMTown’s Dancing Machine.

Wasn’t accepted by the fans at first

But his good looks made him in fast

A really great dancer and a soft body

He’s another Chinese member, Zhoumi.

Here’s SuJu’s fishy swimming past

Every move makes the girls swoon fast

He’s so cool by just saying ‘hey’

The heartthrob of all the ladies is Donghae.

According to him, Shisus is his idol

Cute dimpled smiles in his every call

Chocolate abs is his very asset

SuJu’s Siwon is so over the net.

Eternal maknae he’s fondly called

Why not so? His baby face is not to be ashamed

Cooking? Cooking! Is his specialty

Ryeowook is also a real singer to be.

Aces rapping, aces acting

But still with his pretty face shining

Known as Snow White coz’ of his milky skin

Kibum’s charm is something to be seen.

EvilKyu, GameKyu, PornKyu, RebelliousKyu

Some of the nicknames for him is so true

Great looks, great voice, great attitude and smile

The maknae Kyuhyun wins over the mile.

His Don’t Don appearance is such a controversy

But in real life his cuteness is the key

The violin talent still goes through

Having Henry is always new.

The biggest boyband that the world has ever seen

Super Junior and it has always been

The number one boy group lingering around

Their beautiful music makes the world go round

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