After the final live broadcast of SBS’s ‘Kpop Star‘, on April 29th, BoA shared a warm picture taken with her colleagues.

The star expressed her deepest gratitude with a tweet, “At the end of seven months time, K-pop star has finished with massive success. Everyone including the contestants, the crowned winner Ji Min, the runner-up finalist Ha Yi, the awesome judges, Hyun Suk Oppa and J.Y.Park Oppa, and SBS’s staff members did a really great job. And more than anything, I thank all of the viewing audiences. I love you all”. The reminiscing singer also expressed her thanks to MC Yoon Do Hyun and the show’s PD, Park Sung Hoon.

Along with the heart-felt tweet, BoA shared a picture where she is seen linking arms with MC Do Hyun and sharing a bright smile with a V-pose. Yang Hyun Suk, J.Y. Park, and PD Park Sung Hoon are also in the picture and are seen comfortably huddling over each other looking happy.

The final broadcast of the show featured several final stages, one of which BoA had prepared with past-eliminated contestants, Baek Ah Yeon, Yoon Hyun Sang, Lee Jung Mi, and Park Jae Hyung. The group of five singers performed BoA’s hit songs, “Number One” and “One Dream”.


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