Fake Couple part 1 (SHINee funny story)

Fake Couple

S.F.S~Reality Show ; Fake Couple

Scenario ;

Fake Couple is a reality show organized by S.M Entertainment. In this show, an Idol will have to date an ordinary girl
as a ‘Fake Couple’ for a week! Hence, S.M Entertainment picked SHINee! For this reality show, the ordinary girl will have to go for an interview!
Futhermore, the lucky girl will stand a chance to date with one of the SHINee Member!

You went for the interview after the ‘Fake Couple’ advertisement were advertised all across Seoul, Korea! You had to battle with
thousand of SHINee fans out there for that ONE spot!
Few Days later…
S.M Entertainment called and you are the ONE lucky girl that get to date with your Favourite SHINee member for a week!!

Day 1 ; Morning (10am)
~ Fake Couple Recording
(1)Your Favourite SHINee member walk towards you and gives you a hand shake. Then he starts a conversation with you…

Onew ; *keep smiling* Hello!! Nice to meet you! I am Onew! It’s great to have you in this reality show! Anyway, don’t be nervous ok?
I’m here with you!! *holds your hand*

Jonghyun ; *smiling cheekily* Hey there! I’m Jonghyun! Just call me Jjong or Jakiya will do! I can’t wait to date you and get
to know you in this one whole week. *winks at you*

Key ; *waves his both hands at you* Hi Hi, I’m Key!! Are you ready for this reality show? I hope you do, because we will have fun!
Hmm.. Are you shy? Scared? Put that feeling away, I won’t eat you up *giggles*

Minho ; *gives you a warm smile* I’m Minho! I’ll be your boyfriend for a week! Like that idea? I’m so excited about this reality show!
Let’s do this together ok? I’m sure we will have an enjoyable time together!

Taemin ; *chubby cheek turns red* I’m Taemin! Erm… glad to be in this show with you. I’m having mixed emotion! But don’t worry,
I’ll treat you like my own girlfriend!! Ok??

Day 1 ; Afternoon (12.05pm)

(2)It’s lunch time! It’s time to have lunch after shopping with your SHINee Boyfriend! He decided to bring you somewhere that’s
suitable for couples to dine. After much consideration, he picked a restaurant name ; Ashley.

This restaurant served only Western Cuisine. You began to panic as you don’t really know how to use a fork & a knife!
When your dish arrived, your SHINee Boyfriend…

Onew ; Yeobo, what’s wrong with the food? You don’t like it? Oh, you want me to slice the meat for you?
*he takes your lamb chop dish and start to slice the meats into smaller pieces*

Jonghyun ; Come, let’s eat! *he pauses and look at you*
Not eating? Let me help you with the meat, relax don’t panic. I’m here to save you!

Key ; Why? What’s wrong? Why are you panic? You don’t eat lamb chop? Or you want to switch to my dish?
Mine is chicken chop, here it goes. *he switch his dish and later he ate yours*

Minho ; You don’t look well. What’s wrong with the dish, my dear? You don’t like the food here? I’m sorry, I should ask whether you like
Western Cuisine or not? You want to go another place? Something traditional? *he look for a traditional restaurant & both of you had lunch there*

Taemin ; Are you ok? You seems not to like the food here. Sorry, I’m not good in slicing the meats. You want to change to something else? Wait a minute..
Waiter!! *he calls for the waiter to change your food*

(3)After lunch, at the restaurant…
Like any other couples, you want each and every moment together with your loveones to be captured, right? Then, you asked your SHINee boyfriend…
You ; Yeobo, can we snap pictures together? So that I can paste it in my diary?
Then your SHINee Boyfriend…

Onew ; Why not? Afterall we are couples, right? We should take alot of pictures together and keep it as memories. Come, let’s snap a dozen or more, ok?
*smiles non-stop*
Jonghyun ; Yay!! Let’s take some pictures & paste in your diary. Ok? Let’s do this everyday!! Let’s make a heart shape together *smiles cheekily*
Key ; Selca? ( Selca ; Self Camera ) Don’t be shy! I love taking photos too! Wow! We have something in common, that’s good!! Next time, I’ll bring my own camera, ok?
Minho ; Its not a problem to me. We should make this reality show as our memories together, right? I’m sure you will remember this moment vividly. *pinch your cheek*
Taemin ; *jumps for joy* Ohkay, let’s pose as many as you want. I want you to remember this moment we shared together!!

*I do not own this story. All credits goes to SHINee Shawols SG fanbase" ^^

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