Taeyeon Quotes

1. First Kiss: Dont have.. Would like to try
Ahahahai, eonni polooos yaaa xD
2. If you have a boyfriend: Er… Shy.. We will love each other deeply~~~ ^^
Awww, eonni yeoja yang sweet !! amja mana nih yang beruntung bisa saling mencintai dalem gini sama kamu eonn~~!!! :D
3. If you boyfriend betrayed you?: I will take revenge without realising.. hehe
Aww, I’m agree with Taenggoo ^^
4. The most important thing to your boyfriend: Trust
5. The acceptable Marriage Age Difference: Age that able to dote me.. thats enough already
6. Needs to spend time together with your boyfriend?: Yes, very agreed
7. What do think of sex before marriage?: Definitely NO!

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