Fake Couple Part 2 (SHINee Funny Story )

Day 1, At Night (11.05pm)

(1) At night, before you go to sleep you received a message from your SHINee Boyfriend.
Your jaw dropped when you saw the display name! Then, you quickly open up and the message from
your SHINee Boyfriend…

Onew ; Hey Sweetie! Have a goodnight sleep and rest well because tomorrow there will be suprises for you! Rest well yeah? See you tomorrow yeobo!!

Jonghyun ; Jakiya, you should be sleeping now as tomorrow will be a long day1 I’ll bring you around Seoul! Hmm.. Ok, I shall stop here before I tell you about tomorrow’s schedule! Nights!

Key ; Yo! Get ready to have a wonderful time with me tomorrow! Don’t forget to bring your camera along as I’m bringing my camera too! You don’t want to miss every moment we had tomorrow! See you!

Minho ; Hello there! Sorry to disturb you during this hours. I just want to let you know that we will
 be having an enjoyable time around Seoul tomorrow!! Can’t wait!! Goodnight!

Taemin ; Yeobo! Do you miss me? Just kidding! Get enough rest today as tomorrow might be a tiring day! I’ll let you know where we will be going tomorrow! Ok? Goodnight!

Day 2, In the Morning (9.15am)

Meeting Point ; S.M Building.
(2)Supposingly, you have to meet your SHINee Boyfriend and all the crew at 9am sharp! Yet, you were 10minutes late and you start to panic.
You called  your SHINee Boyfriend but there is no answer. Then, you start to run all the way to the meeting point as fast as you could.
There, you SHINee Boyfriend was standing waiting for you with his arm fold.
You apologise..
“I’m… I’m… *catching your breathe* so sorry.. for being late. *pauses* I’m really sorry!!”
Your SHINee Boyfriend then..

Onew ; Relax, calm down will you? I’m not angry at all but this is going to be the first and the last time, ok?
           Promise? I know you are exhausted. Here’s a bottle of mineral. *pass you a bottle of mineral* You can
           finish it up.

Jonghyun ; Don’t need to explain the reason why you are late for today’s recording. I understand. Next time, Ill
               call and wake you up. You ok with it, right? Ok good, now you calm yourself down. We will start in a
               few minutes time.

Key ; How’s your morning exercise? It’s good to run during this time round. *giggles* I know why you are late!
        The train must be packed during peal hours right? Relax! Don’t panic, you have arrived safely. Let me
         give you a packet of tissue paper, you are pespiring! *gives you a packet of tissue paper*

Minho ; *jaw dropped* Calm down, love. Come here take a sit. Here’s banana milk for you. Don’t worry, I’m not angry
             towards you for being late today. Tomorrow, I shall fetch you. Ok?

Taemin ; Morning! You are pespiring! Shh! Don’t need to explain to me about everything! I’ve forgiven you already.  
             Now put away those panic expression because we will have a lot of fun later on!!

(3)After you settle down and get ready for the recording. Your SHINee Boyfriend approaches you with their hands behind
their back. Then you are curious..

Your SHINee Boyfriend..
Onew ; *gave you a teddy bear* Take it, it’s specially for you Yeobo! Now, press against the tummy of the teddy bear and
            you can hear me calling out your name! I hope you like it as much as I do.

Jonghyun ; *shows you his gift* This is a handmade card which I did on my own yesterday night before I go to sleep.
                 I’ve paste yesterday’s photo that we snap at the restaurant. Like it?

Key ; *took out a pink container from his bag* Wondering what’s inside? *giggles*         Handmade cookies from Chef Key! It’s delicious! I can make more of these if you want too.
         You can keep this container for future use, ok?

Minho ; *he took off his jacket* This is my favourite jacket. Now, I’ll give it to you as a present from me.
              I’ve sign my autograph at the back of the jacket. When you are cold and if you miss me that much, quickly put on the jacket.

Taemin ; *wears a breacelet for you* Isn’t beautiful? I’ve engraved this bracelet with yesterday’s date and our name! Yeah, yesterday was the officially date that we met together! *giggles*

(4)As promised by your SHINee Boyfriend that today is going to be a FANTASTIC day, he brings you the popular Amusement Park
in Seoul!
For your information, he paid for your tickets from his own pocket money!
While both of you are walking towards the Hunted House, your SHINee Boyfriend hold your hands.
Then, you gave him a confuse look..
Your SHINee Boyfriend..

Onew ; Why? What’s wrong? There’s nothing wrong! We are dating! Don’t bother about what other people might think
           about us! We are couples! Right, yeobo? *pinches your cheek*

Jonghyun ; *stares at you* Do you want a kiss from me, Jakiya? Then? Put away that look. I didn’t do anything wrong, ok.  We are officially dating! *winks cheekily at you*  

Key ; Don’t give me that kind of look! *glares at you* Come on be supportive! We are doing anything that’s against the rules.

Minho ; Erm.. you are uncomfartable? Ok, I’ll hold your hand when you are ready but.. we are dating! So can I hold
            your hand, please?

Taemin ; Didn’t we officially start our dating yesterday? So I can officially hold  your hands. *giggles*

(5) First stop ; Hunted House!!!
Before entering the Hunted House, you told  your SHINee Boyfriend that you weren’t that brave enough to enter
the Hunted House! Yet, your SHINee Boyfriend grabbed your hand and dragged you inside!!!
Suddenly you screamed at the top of your lungs, ARGGGGGGGH!!!!
Your SHINee Boyfriend….

Onew ; *he quickly pull you closer to him* Are you ok? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t force you to enter this Hunted House.
             Hold on to me tightly, close your eyes ok. Don’t worry I’m here with you.

Jonhyun ; *he cover your eyes* Don’t look if you are afraid. You better cover your ears, ok?

Key ; *hold your hand tightly* Gripped my hand with all your strength ok dear? I’m here, don’t be afraid. It will end soon.

Minho ; Yeobo! Hold my arms tightly ok! Hide yourself under my jacket. Don’t worry I will not let you go. Stay with me.

Taemin ; ARGGGGGGH! I didn’t know you are afraid of Hunted House! Let’s run!!!!
             *he still holds your hand while running out of the Hunted House*

(6) Phewww! Both you and your SHINee Boyfriend manage to find the exit of the Hunted House!
     Without realisation, you are still clinging on to your SHINee Boyfriend!! When you wanted to let go of him..
     Both eyes met!!!
Your heart starts to pump very fast, your legs are shaking and you feel like melting upon staring at those beautiful eyes of
your SHINee Boyfriend.. and someone has to spoil that moment!!
*ehem ehem ehem* (someone walked passed)
Your SHINee Boyfriend..

Onew ; *clears throat* erm erm.. err.. where shall we go next, eh?? *looks away*

Jonghyun ; *smiles cheekily* err.. ok. let’s go somewhere else apart from Hunted House.

Key ; *combs his hair* ok. let’s not waste errrr time..

Minho ; *looks down* where you want to go.. next??

Taemin ; *blushes* hmm… let’s go try other things around here. err, ok?

(7) Both of you didn’t dare to talk to each other after that oh-so-sweet incident.
     Yet, your SHINee Boyfriend had to start the ball rolling..

Onew ; Are you hungry? You want to grab some snack? Let’s go!

Jonghyun ; Why don’t we go to that shop over there! Let’s buy something to eat! yeah?

Key ; I feel like eating candy floss. You want? There’s a shop selling candy floss and popcorns near the
        entrance gate. Come!

Minho ; You want something to eat? I’m famished. Let’s grab some snack over there! *points to the shop*

Taemin ; Yeobo, I’m hungry. You want to buy something to eat? Or you want to share the food with me?

(08) After buying some snacks, both of you sat on a bench under a tree. Both you and your SHINee Boyfriend
remain silent as both of you are enjoying the breeze and the food!
Then, while you are eating, your SHINee Boyfriend stop and look at you.
You whisper in your heart ; Oh Man! Not again! Can I run?
Your SHINee Boyfriend…

Onew ; I’m not going to do anything, I just want to let you know that there’s some left over food under your lips.
            Here’s a tissue, let me wipe it.

Jonghyun ; *wipes your mouth with his pinky finger* There’s dirt. *he looks away & continue eating*

Key ; Stay still, don’t move! *wipes your mouth with wet tissue* done!

Minho ; Err.. there’s something on your lips. Let me do it for you. *remove the dirt for you*

Taemin ; Yeobo, let me wipe your mouth cause there’s left over food at your lips.

I do not own this story. All credits goes to "SHINee Shawols SG fanbase"

credit: Fanpage SHINee Virus

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